Borghild DANIELSDTR 1661-1750 and Lars Rasmussen 1651-1731


Borghild DANIELSDTR was born in 1661 on Fosen Farm, Avaldsnes Parish, Karmøy, Rogaland County, Norway and died in 1750 on Stangaland Farm, Karmoy, Rogaland County, Norway at age 89.

Borghild married Lars RASMUSSEN, son of Rasmus SIMONSEN and Ingeborg TORESDTR. Lars was born in 1651 in Kopervik Parish, Rogaland County, Norway,  and died in 1731 in Kopervik Parish, Rogaland County, Norway at age 80.

Lars farmed at Austrei Gard from 1706 - 1741.  He was the ninth farmer at Austrei, sub-farm 1.

Their son, Daniel, left in 1716 for Amsterdam to become a sailor. Borghild received letters from him until approximately 1725.

The family lived first for some years at Meland Gard in Avaldsnes Parish.   Their oldest children were born at Meland.  On 27 May 1701, Lars bought rights of inheritance to Austrei Farm.  Some years later he moved back to Austrei and took over the entire farm from his sister and brother-in-law, Simon Pedersen.  In the fall of 1703, Lars bought the farm at Ytreland, but by 1707, he had sold it.

His mother, Ingeborg Toresdotter, gave Lars 27 riksdaler (silver coin).  During the summer of 1705 she mortgaged a 1/2 pound (old measurement) grain sub-farm at Austrei from him.  In the fall of 1720, Lars obtained the deed to a 7 bucket farm from its heirs, his uncle (father's brother), Simon Simonsen, for 28 riksdaler (silver coin).  This, he sold to his son-in-law, Aslak, in 1728.  In the fall of 1741, the widow of Lars, Borghild, sold a 20 bucket farm at Austrei and 2 bucket farm at Asaldalen to her son-in-law Rasmus Halvorsen Meland in Avaldsnes Parish for 123 riksdaler (silver coin). 1 ort (old currency).   The 12 1/2 bucket farm at Austrei was later taken over by her granddaughter and her husband.  The rest of the farm was divided into three parts.



This story began life as a biographical sketch in a Bydgebok volume. It was then translated into English and annotated. It is a summarized verion of the original biographical sketch.

Arnvid Lillehammer, Bygdebok of Karmøy, Stangaland and Kopervik , 1985, page 235


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