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Radcliffe Community Folks and Facts Illustrated (Centennial Volume, 1980) page 135


Bertel Lars Hegland was born July 17 1847 on the Hegland farm on the Island of Rennesoy, Norway. He went to school at Rennesoy, as all children of Norway were required to do, to give them enough knowledge to attend confirmation at age 14. Bertel was confirmed October 8 1861. Following confirmation Bertel worked for the Kohler Shipping Firm in Stavanger, Norway.

At age 16 all young men had to join the Marine Census (Reserve) in cas of need. Their enlistment was for ten years with a six week training period each year. He continued to work for the Kohler firm and did some farm work.

Bertel was born Berthel Larson Landesdal of Hegland. He married Bertha Pedersdtr Sandvik of Hodne Boe, who took the name Berthea Peterson Hegland on April 6 1868, in the church of Fennoy. Their first son, Rasmas Berdinas, was born on the Boe Farm.

In the summer of 1869, the family moved to the Hegland farm where they lived until the fall of 1870, when the family moved to an apartment in Stavanger. Berthe was a tailor in a shop. Six more children were born to the family.

Bertel and wife, Berthea, and their five children left Stavanger, Norway for the United States in the spring of 1885. After going through customs at Quebec, Canada, they proceeded by ship to Detroit, Michigan. After receiving their permits to enter the US, they boarded a train for Radcliffe, Iowa, arriving the last week of April 1885. They were met by former neighbors from Norway.

The Hegland family settled on a farm northwest of Radcliffe. They lived there until Berthea died on July 6 1914. Bertel died on April 10 1918. They were buried in the Norwegian-American Bethany Lutheran Church Cemetery nean Radcliffe.

As with all 'pioneers' there were hardships. First was leaving their native country for an unknown land with a new language. They survived tornadoes, on that lifed their home off its foundation and set it down, diamond shaped, on the square foundation. It also lifted water from the pond and dumped it on the house. That pond never had water in it again. Another tornado killed a team of horse but the driving the team was not hurt at all!

Bertel Lars Hegland and his wife Berthe Pedersdtr and family came to the Radcliffe area in April, 1885 from Norway.


Bertel was born 17 Jul 1847. He lived on Hegland Farm, Rennosøy Parish, in Rogaland County. His parents were Rasmus Rasmusson and Metta Olsdtr. Bertel died 10 April 1918. He is buried at the Bethany Lutheran Cemetery. Berthe Pedersdtr was born xxx. Berthe died 6 July 1914. She is buried at the Bethany Lutheran Cemetery. Bertel and Berthe were married 6 April 1868 in Finnøy Parish

Children from this marriage were:

i. Rasmus Berdinas was born, 6 April 1869
ii. Anna Serina was born, 1 October 1870
iii. Peder Olaf was born, 11 August 1873
iv. Lars Johannes was born, 10 September 1875 and died, 10 September 1875
v. Ivar Jacob was born, 2 September 1877 and died, 2 September 1877
vi. Bernhart Anders was born, 18 May 1879
vii. Barthea Kristine was born, 19 October 1884


Rasmus Rasmusson and Berta Tormodsdtr lived at Hegland Farm, Rennesøy Parish in Rogaland County, Norway. Rasmus was born 3 June 1826. He died 2 December 1902. His parents were Rasmus Larsson Dusavik and Berta Helena Andersdtr Hodne. Berta Tormadsdtr was born in 1821. She died 11 February 1867. Her father was Tormod Taraldsson Fattnes. Ramus and Berta were married 7 April 1847.

Children from this marriage were:

i. Bertel was born, 17 July 1847
ii. Morten was born, 26 April 1855
iii. Reinert was born, 15 January 1862
iv. Bertine was born, 11 June 1864


Source of Norwegian Based Information:

Hegland Farm - pp. 826, 873 - Rennesøy Gard og ætt, vol 2, by Lindanger, Birger and Waula, Jørg Eirik. Rennesøy Kommune 1993.



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