Hendrickson Family Stories


Radcliffe Community Folks and Facts Illustrated (Centennial Volume, 1980) page 139


Oliver Hendrickson and his wife Margaret Jorstad and family came to the Radcliffe area in1898 from La Salle County, Illinois. Oliver was born 27 Dec 1858. He died 9 Febrary 1930. His parents were Lars Henrikson and Serina Hadlesdtr. Margaret was born 26 March 1857. She died 20 October 1919. Her parents were Lars Jorstad and Helga (nee) Tvedt. Oliver and Margaret were married 25 June 1877.

Children from this marriage were:

i. Helen
ii. Leonard
iii. Louella
iv. Silas
v. Milton
vi. Charlotte
vii. Herman
viii. Roy
ix. Mayo
x. Chester


Lars Henrikson and Serina Hadlesdtr lived on Nedre Eike Farm, Finnøy Parish, Rogaland County, Norway. The family emigrated from Norway to La Salle County, Illinois in 1856. Lars was born in 1823. His parents were Henrik Gudmundson and Kristi Larsdtr.
Serina was born 12 February 1826. She was from Halsne Farm. Lars and Serina were married in 1854.

Children from this marriage were (children born in Norway):

i. Lars was born, 1854
ii. Haldor Andreas was born, 1855


Henrik Gudmundson and Kristi Larsdtr lived on Nedre Eike Farm,sub-farm Myrå, Finnøy Parish, Rogaland County, Norway. Henrik was born in 1788. He died in 1881. Henrik was from Hovda Farm. Kristi Larsdtr was born in 1791. She died in 1860. Kristi was from Jelsa. Henrik and Kristi were married in 1815.

Children from this marriage were:

i. Kari was born, 1815
ii. Ingemund was born, 1818
iii. Gudmund was born, 1820
iv. Lars was born, 1823 (the father of Oliver)
v. Henrik was born, 1825
vi. Gunnar was born, 1828
vii. Marta Kristina was born, 1831
viii. Anna was born, 1838


Source of Norwegian Based Information:

Nedre Eike Farm, pp. 424, 431, Bjørkvik, Halvard. Finnøy Gard og ætt. Finnøy Kommune Bd III 1997. Gardane på Fogn, Talgje og Fisterøyane.



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