Jon Danielson Hapnes 1658-1747


Ragnhild KOLBEINSDTR 1630-1711


Jon Danielsen Hapnes was born in 1658 at Sande Farm, Hjelmeland Parish, Rogaland County, Norway and died in 1747 at age 89, in Tysvær Parish, Rogaland County, Norway. He was the son of Daniel Rasmussen of Fosen Gard, Avaldsnes Parish, and Malene Jonsdtr of Raunes Gard in Vats Parish.

In 1676, Jon married Ragnhild KOLBEINSDTR, the widow of the former farmer. Ragnhild was the daughter of Kolbein OLSEN.  She was born in 1630 on Tysvær Gard in Tysvær Parish, Rogaland County, Norway

Ragnhild's first husband, Knut Eriksen, died in 1675.  The couple owned Årvik Gard in Tysvær Parish. The Estate, among other things, included 3 large and 1 little copper kettle, 8 small silver buttons and 3 candelabras, a beer barrel and large griddle for baking, axe and augar, sheet and comforter and chest.  In addition, the house was in the usual good order. In 1685, Knut's son, Erik, tried to take possession of the farm.  The attempt failed, however.  The farm remained with the descendants of Jon Danielson for an additional five generations, when all the children of Peder Johnsen (4th great grandson) left for America in the 1880’s and 1890’s.

Jon and Ragnhild lived first at Hapnes in Vikedal.  They then moved to Fosen Gard.  Ragnhild died in 1711 at age 81.

In 1701, the household had one servant.  In 1711, the household had 4 servants. In 1723 Jon sowed 3 1/2 buckets of grain and harvested 26 barrels of grain.  In 1723, he also owned 2 horses, 8 heifer and 18 sheep. The farm was easy to get to, and had a water-mill which was used partly to provide fuel for home consumption.

In 1713, a contract was signed between Jon and his son, Daniel.  The conditions stated that Jon would become his grandson’s guardian.  His grandson, Jon, was then 7 years old.  Jon (the grandson) had been left an inheritance of 257 Riksdaler (silver coin) 20 deed, by his mother.  If the child had died underage, Daniel, his father, would have gotten the inheritance.  In 1718 the grandson, Jon, left the care of his grandfather.

Next, Jon married Metter Johnsdtr Eikesdal of Vats Parish, who was born in 1700.  Jon and Metter had 5 children.



Note the marriage pattern.  This was not unusual.

Jon Danielson married Ragnhild Kolbeinsdtr in 1676.  Ragnhild was the widow of the former farmer.  She was 22 years younger than her first husband.  She was 28 years older than Jon, her 2nd husband.  Ragnhild and Jon were married for 35 years until her death at the age of 81 years.  Jon was only 53 years old that year.  Jon married again in 1719.  He married Metter Johnsdtr.  Metter was 42 years younger than Jon.  Metter was 19 at the time of their marriage.


This story began life as a biographical sketch in a Bydgebok volume. It was then translated into English and annotated. It is a summarized verion of the original biographical sketch.

Nils Dybdal-Holthe, Tysvær Gard og ætt 2 Tysvær Sokn, Tysvær Kommune, 1990, page 239.


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