Lars Danielsen 1662-1730 and Siri Gudmundsdtr - 1694


Lars DANIELSEN was born in 1662 in Sande Gard, Hjelmeland Parish, Rogaland County, Norway and died in 1730 at Hamra Gard, Erfjord Parish, (now in Suldal Kommune) Rogaland County, Norway at age 68.

Lars married three times.  His first marriage was to Siri Gudmundsdtr.  We are descended from this marriage.

In 1695, he married, for the 2nd time, to Brita Hadlesdtr.  She died in 1712.  She was the daughter of Hadle and Siri of Hamra Gard in Erfjord Parish. 

In 1714, he married, for the 3rd time, to Lukresia Olsdtr, the daughter of Ola and Sissel of Kjøllevik Gard in Strand.  After Lars died, she married again, to Osmund Osmundsen, the next farmer at Gismarvik. 

From these marriages, 11 children were born.

On March 1, 1682, Lars bought the deed to inheritance at Gismarvik Gard. On 14 March 1682, Lars got the deed to Gismarvik and settled onto the land. He bought the inheritance rights to the estate for 24 buckets (grain).  In 1697, he also owned the 20 bucket farm, Øvre Førland in Tysvær.  Upon his death, his Haukås Farm was left to one of his living daughters.  In 1717, Lars asked his son, Gudmund, to come home from the sea and take over the farm.  Gudmund was in the navy.  Before Gudmund could return, however, he died in a shipwreck.

Lars was a little reckless.  He was involved in many lawsuits but made lots of money, because the verdicts went in his favor.  For a while, he also had a household at Hamra Farm in Erfjord Parish which his son, Lars, later took over.  He moved there and established a household from 1711 to approximately 1720.  In 1720 he was also a shareholder at Gismarvik.

In 1723, he was the sole owner of Gismarvik Gard, sowed 7 buckets of seed and harvested 30 barrels of grain, fed 2 horses, 16 heifers and 6 sheep.



This story began life as a biographical sketch in a Bydgebok volume. It was then translated into English and annotated. It is a summarized verion of the original biographical sketch.

Arnvid Lillehammer, Tysvær gard og ætt 3, 1993, page 18


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