My Family Stories


I was born into a close-knit, conservative, rural, Iowa family. During those early years, I lived in a very small town in central Iowa. My grandparents lived there. My great grandparents lived there. My great-great grandparents were buried in cemeteries near there. Most of my aunts and uncles and great aunts and great uncles lived on farms near there. Everyone went to Church every Sunday and the children went to Bible School every summer. Most of the men were farmers. The women sewed their family’s clothes, had vegetable gardens and put away perserves every year. Many spoke both Norwegian and English. Most everyone voted Republican.

Life in that small Iowa community could be described as utopia, Life in that small close-knit community was very much the same as it had been for generations.

These people were originally from the small country of Norway. Many came from a small island off the southwestern coast of Norway, Karmøy. The rest came from the mountains of mainland Norway.

There are MANY stories about our family, four hundred years of stories. Stories that took place in Norway and stories that took place in America.


Stories from the 17th Century
Stories from the 20th Century






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