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When I began looking into my ancestors who lived in the Radcliffe Area, I knew they farmed in Lincoln Township, Hamilton County, Iowa and that when they retired, they moved to Radcliffe. I knew they were from Norway and that they attended the local Lutheran Church. I also knew that they lived quiet modest, Christian lives.

I knew that many of the families in the Radcliffe area were also from Norway.

Many Norwegian immigrants came to Lincoln Township in Hamilton County, Iowa. Many Norwegian immigrants came to Concord Township in Hardin County, Iowa. Some, like my ancestors, stopped along the way to their final destinations. Others came directly to these locations. They came primarily from Rogaland and Hordaland Counties (or Districts) in Norway. By 1920, over 75% of the Heads of Households in these locations, were either from Norway or had parents who were from Norway.


Radcliffe Community Folks and Facts Illustrated (Centennial Volume, 1980)

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