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Radcliffe Community Folks and Facts Illustrated (Radcliffe Centennial Volume, 1980) pp. 246-247

In 1893, the oldest child of Jens and Inger Ritland, Olaus Ritland, married Osa Lee, a woman from the Radcliffe area. Her parents were Ole and Helena Lee .

One of the children of Ole and Sara Ritland, Jens Ritland, married Inger Hegland and took over the family farm in Story County.

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Ole Olson and Siri Jensdtr lived on Ritland Farm in Hjelmeland Parish, Rogaland County, Norway. Ole was born in 1808 and died in 1895. His parents were Ola Olson and Barbro Osmundsdtr. Siri Jensdtr was born in 1805 and died in 1887. Ole and Siri were married in 1834. The Ole and Sara Ritland family emigrtated from Norway to the US, specifically Lisbon, Illinois, in 1855. Two years later, the Ole Ritland family moved to Story County, Iowa.

Children from this marriage were:

i. Ola was born in 1836
ii. Jens was born in 1838 (Father of Olaus Ritland)
iii. Torstein was born in 1841
iv. Anen was born in 1842
v. Ola was born in 1844
vi. Lars was born in 1846
vii. Osmund was born in 1848
viii. Ingeborg was born in 1851


Ola Olson and Barbro Osmundsdtr lived on Helgaland Farm in Hjelmeland Parish, Rogaland County, Norway.



Source of Norwegian Based Information:

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