Rorem Family Stories


Radcliffe Community Folks and Facts Illustrated (Radcliffe Centennial Volume, 1980) pp. 250-251


Olaus Rorem emigrated from Norway to the US in 1885. In 1895, Olaus married Anna Sevold of Randall, Iowa.


Ola Olson and Eli Olsdtr lived on Rørheim Farm Sjernarøy Parish, Rogaland County, Norway. Ola, from Jørstad Farm, was born 19 April 1822 and died 4 July 1873. His parents were Ola Torbjørnson and Anna Karina Jensdtr. Eli was born in 1823 and died 23 November 1884. Her parents were Ola Torgrimson and Ingeborg Ivarsdtr


Ola Torgrimson Ullestad and Ingeborg Ivarsdtr lived on Rørheim Farm, sub-farm 1. Ola was born on 13 September 1795 and died 20 March 1875. His parents were Torgrim Ivarson Ullestad , Årdal Parish and Gunhild Eivinsdsdtr, Liitle Dovik , Årdal Parish.
Ingeborg Ivarsdtr was born in 1787 and died 31 December 1870.

Children from this marriage were:

vi. Gunnela was born, 1 Dec 1821
vii. Eli was born in 1823 (Olaus Rorem’ grandmother)
viii. Torgrim was born in 1824 (Julie Rorem Amundson’s father, see chapter 1)
ix. Ingeborg was born, 19 June 1827
x. Berta was born, 6 Sept 1829



Source of Norwegian Based Information:

Rørheim Farm, pp. 37-38, 40-41, Løland, Jacob Sverre. Sjernarøy Bygdebok. Finnøy: Finnøy Kommune, 1972. Bd I - Gard og ætt.



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