Skartvedt Family Stories


Radcliffe Community Folks and Facts Illustrated (Radcliffe Centennial Volume, 1980) pp. 263-267


Rasmus Skartvedt

Rasmus Rasmusson Skartvedt, son of Rasmus Gudmundson and Siri Sofie Sveindstr, was born on 12 May 1856 and died on 9 Dec 1916 at age 60. Serina Rasmusdtr, daughter of Rasmus Hadleson and Inger Sjursdtr of Øvre Eike Farm , was born on 17 Feb 1861 and died on 18 Nov 1950 at age 89. Rasmus married Serina in 1881. Rasmus and Serina left for America shortly after they were married.

They had three children

Silas Gerhardt
Raymond S


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