St. Olav´s Church of Avaldsnes on Karmøy

St Olav Church in Avaldsnes Parish, Norway



This photo was taken in, approximately, 1958. Amos and Minnie Hinderaker went to Norway that year, to visit relatives. When they returned, we all spent hours enjoying their slide show. This was referred to as the family church. A photographic version of the original slide hung on my family room wall for many years.

Then in 2004, when I decided to return to my genealogy research, I discovered that the 'family church' was actually St. Olav's Church.

St. Olav's Church has been a landmark for the seafarers through the strait of Karmsund for 750 years. King Håkon IV Håkonsson gave permission to build St Olav's Church, around the year 1250. It was not completed until nearly 1320, and was at that time the fourth largest in the country. The church was dedicated to St. Olav and received the status of ” Royal Chapel”.

The complete story about St. Olav's Church can be found at the following website location;

St. Olav's Church - History


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